14 Signs That You May Have a Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C is more important than you realize, and your body can easily develop a deficiency in vitamin C the longer it is lacking it! Over time, a lack in vitamin C means that new collagen cannot be formed. This means that your body is missing an essential building block in its foundation, and without it, various tissues in your body will start to break down. 

This condition will even turn into scurvy if left alone too long!

Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency tend to be:

  1. Tiredness and weakness
  2. Muscle and joint pains
  3. Easy bruising
  4. Spots that look like tiny, red-blue bruises on your skin
  5. Dry skin
  6. Splitting hair
  7. Swelling and discoloration of your gums
  8. Sudden and unexpected bleeding from your gums
  9. Nosebleeds
  10. Poor healing of wounds
  11. Problems fighting infections
  12. Changes in your bones
  13. Tooth loss/decay
  14. Weight loss

Synthetic Vs. Whole Food Supplements

Don’t rush to the drug store just yet! It’s important to know the difference between real vitamin C from a whole food source and synthetic vitamin C.

Synthetic vitamins are the kind that they typically sell at drugstores or fortify our foods with. Unfortunately those “vitamins” are broken shells and pieces of the real thing and are chemically made in a way the body can’t truly absorb and use them. Chemicals from these vitamins can actually store in fat, thus causing weight gain. And popular sources like “Emergen-C” are just glorified sugar packets. I’m including gummy vitamins too! Refined Sugar in a vitamin will counteract any positive nutrients it has making it ineffective and harmful instead.

Taking synthetic vitamins can actually increase your risk of deficiency!

They make your body work harder to absorb them, thus burning more of your nutrients in the process. Your body needs a whole vitamin, not just parts of it to be able to absorb its nutrients and use it fully.

Take a watch for example. How well would it work if it were missing the hands, the numbers, or the battery? It’s a whole package and needs all of its parts to work properly just like body needs vitamins!

That’s why whole food vitamins (i.e. Standard Process), that come from actual food sources full of real and whole vitamins are more beneficial in feeding your body what it needs! Additionally, they are much easier for the body to absorb and use correctly!

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