Are Your Cosmetics Making you Sick?

Harmful Chemicals and Metals

There are a variety of impure ingredients put into cosmetics. Dangerous chemicals are used as preservatives to maintain shelf life or add fragrances and color. While toxic metals are used to help bind and hold the product together.

The problem with these toxins is that they are poisons and the more your body is exposed to them, the sicker it gets over time and the more likely it will be to hold onto these toxins creating more problems for you down the road!

Many don’t realize that symptoms like weight gain, congestion, and migraines are caused by constant exposure to their beauty products. 

If your kidneys, liver, thyroid, and other organs are constantly being exposed to harmful poisons they can’t do their job properly.  Your body will hold onto toxins, storing them in your body’s tissue, organs, and fat and making you prone to Toxin Overload Syndrome which can cause the symptoms below.

Symptoms Caused By Toxin Overload:

What Toxins are in our Cosmetics?

Skin Care Products like Shampoos, conditioners, lotions contain:



Toxic Brands to Watch Out for!


Skin “Care”:


Make Up:


Don’t Worry! There is Hope!

Clean Cosmetic Brands for Your Body:

Photo of Hayley Imbriani Hayley Imbriani I am an Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). I apprenticed for 2 years in nutrition-related fields, and have worked over 5 years as a Nutrition Response Testing Clinician and Licensed Massage Therapist. I am also a recent recipient of the Dr. Of The Future Award through Ulan Nutritional Systems.

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