Food Alternatives

The Search for Healthier Food Alternatives

Sometimes sticking to a diet or nutrition plan gets people confused about what food alternatives they should be choosing instead of the regular go-to foods. Have you ever found yourself in that scenario: trying to eat healthy or eat for a specific diet and found yourself at a grocery store wondering, “What can I actually eat here?” After all, the food that you choose to eat affects your blood pressureenergy level, and even your skin

Fortunately, we put together this handy food alternatives reference for you to have. Now you will always know what you can actually eat and you will have ideas on how you can substitute what you love and enjoy with different, healthier options.

Flours/Breads Alternatives:

Pasta/Rice Alternatives:

Tortilla Alternatives: 

Chips/Popcorn/Cracker Alternatives:

Fermented Food: 

Condiment Alternatives:

Yes, it’s true! Popular condiments can be filled with unexpected sugars, oils, and other preservatives that makes some wonder, “Why does ketchup need so much sugar in it?” Here are some other healthier choices.

Protein Powders/Bars:

These are good grab and go meals or snacks for those who don’t get a long lunch break, or need to augment their calorie and protein intake because of an exercise routine. It can be tempting to just grab anything with the word “Power”on it, however, a little forethought or change in your shopping routine can make a huge difference in your health when you are on the go.

Natural Sweeteners / Sweet Treats: 







Other Drinks:

Alternative Food Stores:

Organic/Alternative Restaurants:

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