Healthy Hurricane Food

Why take time to select healthy hurricane food?

Disasters can happen at any time, but in particular in Florida, we are familiar with Hurricanes. With hurricane Dorian approaching, the number of people searching for last minute hurricane food ! Recently I have have seen several meme’s across the internet that made me laugh, but also it resonated an undeniable truth that that I am seeing spread all over social media. It seems that when most people prepare for hurricanes they are reaching for non-perishable food without discrimination. People load up their pantries with cookies, pop-tarts, sodas, pastas, and plastic water bottles while quality gets tossed to the wayside.

With Hurricane Dorian approaching, many of us want to be prepared, but we shouldn’t let a natural disaster cause us to make unwise health choices. Nobody wants to suffer from a bowel disaster during a hurricane! There is no time for that during a crisis.

A simple way to stay balanced when preparing for a hurricane and make healthy hurricane food choices is to ask yourself, “Why do I eat clean in the first place?”

Below are some quick selections from our healthy food list post to help you shop for healthy hurricane food in a way that won’t break your body.

Healthy Hurricane Food List

Take this quick list with you to the grocery store when preparing for a hurricane or other natural disaster. Your body will thank you.





Fermented Food:

Protein Powders/Bars:

Natural Sweeteners/ Sweet Treats:





Other Drinks:

Alternative Food Stores:

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