How Can You Boost Your Immunity?

How Can You Boost Your Immunity?

Did you know…..we actually touch about 300 different surfaces every 30 minutes?

Why start to boost your immunity right now? It is rather unrealistic to think that you can avoid ever coming into contact with a virus. But! Just because you’re exposed to a virus does not mean that you WILL get sick. If it does happen, symptoms can vary depending on the current health condition of your body. So lets continue to get to the meat of the topic of answering how can you boost your immunity to all of these bacterial and viral invaders?

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For a lot of people, following a strict diet or not eating certain foods is very, very difficult.  If you can do any of the following suggestions, you have accomplished something towards better health and specifically you will boost your immunity in the meantime.

Try this: Choose one thing to work on at a time. Gradually, add one more change to your lifestyle.  As time goes on, it will become a habit to avoid certain foods that hurt your immunity and your ability to fight off viruses.


Supplement Guidelines to Boost Your Immunity?

Taking the wrong supplements and the wrong dosages will actually hinder your ability to boost your immunity, and it will hurt your immune system more than helping it because your body has to take more time and effort processing the extra nutrients. If a body is already not doing well, it will have a very hard time with this extra effort.  The goal is to take as few supplements as possible.

The problem is that not all nutritional supplements work the same.  Many supplements found at the drugstores are commonly referred to as synthetic supplements.  Synthetic means it is made from artificial/chemical ingredients, not derived from whole foods.

Look around at everything-  the color of that house, how small or big that dog is, ornate features on a building or house.

Getting sunlight and natural vitamin D is a great defense against immune challenges like viruses, bacteria, parasites. Being outside in the fresh air is another easy way to help with cleansing the body. So, especially now, make sure you are getting your daily walks in, biking, boating, golfing, fishing.  Our bodies need positive doses of affirmation.   

The human body does not manufacture vitamin C and most people do not get an adequate amount. As a result, most people are deficient in vitamin C and a daily supplement is needed.We recommend a preventive dose of 4000 mg per day. During illness, vitamin C levels should be increased.  Some other powerful nutrients include: vitamin D, E, Zinc, carotenoids and omega 3 oils. See our other article all about Vitamin C.


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Photo of Hayley Imbriani Hayley Imbriani I am an Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). I apprenticed for 2 years in nutrition-related fields, and have worked over 5 years as a Nutrition Response Testing Clinician and Licensed Massage Therapist. I am also a recent recipient of the Dr. Of The Future Award through Ulan Nutritional Systems.

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