Is Your Water Clean?

Is Your Water Clean?

  1. How to Benefit the Most From Water
  2. Tap and Shower Water
  3. Water Filters
  4. Whole House Water Filter Systems
  5. Chemicals And Metals Found In Water
  6. What can water do for me?
  7. How much water should you drink per day?
  8. Ways to drink more water.

How to Benefit the Most From Water

Water is a transparent, usually colorless, and usually odorless liquid that makes up between 55 and 78% of the human body. Water is a necessity as it helps the body function properly. We are always told that we need to drink more water for our health, but there are some cautions that go along with that council. 

As seen in several news reports globally, it has been discovered that poor city management practices, old lead plumbing, or chemicals leeching into the water supply actually pose a harm to our well being. This article touches on how you can get the most advantage from precious water.

Tap and Shower Water

Since this is such a huge source of where we get our water, it is very important to make sure what you are putting in and on your body is clean.

Shower filters are especially important because hot water opens up the pores making the body more susceptible to absorbing toxins in the water.

You are also exposed to more chlorine in your shower than your own swimming pool. The heat of the shower can cause the chlorine to turn into a gas that can easily be inhaled during a hot shower.

Water Filters

Water Filters are a good way to limit impurities in the water and increase the effectiveness of your waters ability to cleanse your body and help you heal!

As far as filters go, it is better to have something rather than nothing.

Hardware stores have water filters, and though they may not limit all the toxins in the water, they can cut down on the amount of chlorine and metals in your water atlas by half.

The Berkey is a water filter for your drinking water. This filter eliminates about 99% of chlorine and chloramines from your tap water, and can also eliminate certain metals. For more info visit

Whole House Water Filter Systems

There are more high end water systems available that you can install in your home to filter water for the entire house. These systems are larger, stronger, and more accurate in eliminating harmful toxins than smaller filters you get from the store.

Purity Bay by Tyler Grange (727) 282-2609-
Go Beyond Organic by Winston Kao, (727) 447-2344,

Chemicals And Metals Found In Water

Chemicals Commonly found in water:

Heavy metals commonly found in the water:

Symptoms of heavy metal/chemical exposure

What can water do for me?

1) Water keeps you alive! – while you can go without food for about a month, you can only survive at the most for a week without water.

2) Removes toxins – water helps remove waste from our body through urine, perspiration and keeping bowel movements regular.

3) May help prevent headaches – the body requires the proper balance of fluid and electrolytes to properly function. when out of balance, dehydration can occur. Upon dehydration, the brain can temporarily contract or shrink due to fluid loss. Once the body is re-hydrated, the brain will plump back to its normal size relieving the headache. (Medical News Today)

4) May help with weight loss – water keeps you fuller longer, gives you more energy, and helps you stay hydrated. Also by replacing sugary drinks with water, you are eliminating empty calories.

5) Aids with digestion – Water is a lubricant that helps to soften the stool and aid in removing it from the body. Water is essential for helping the digestive track work correctly, and it can help (and sometimes, even heal) other digestive problems.

Should I filter my water?

Yes, Filters can help reduce the amount of chlorine and harmful metals such as mercury, fluoride, and arsenic in your tap water and your shower water!

How much water should you drink per day?

It depends on your individual body. Most research states you should have about 1 liter per day, but more may be needed depending upon exercise and temperature. If you are thirsty, drink some water (add some salt and potassium for an extra boost!)

Ways to drink more water.

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