What in the World do I Eat for Breakfast?

We have been trained into the habit of associating grains with breakfast, and it is these habits that get us into trouble! So forming new habits is the key to your success to form a healthier new you!


Why is breakfast so important?

What Should Breakfast Consist of?

Making Changes is a Process

Changing your eating patterns requires a shift in your thinking and takes time, so make changes at a speed you can manage.  You don’t have to cut all the grains out at once but can start switching to healthier options!

Breakfast Ideas!

I feel that the best approach to breakfast is protein, fats, and vegetables. For example, eggs are a very good source of protein. It is a complete protein and it is very tasty. Any kind of meat can be used for breakfast, chunks, or slices of chicken, breast, or turkey breast. Turkey bacon is a good choice, I would recommend staying away from regular bacon just because it seems to be an aggravator of the digestive system, especially the gallbladder period. It is a great idea to sauté vegetables, for example, sauté spinach or zucchini or spaghetti squash or sweet potato medallions, and any kind of vegetable can be sautéed. I prefer and recommend cooking and sautéing breakfast in butter because it is a great fat for cooking. It is very healthy and tasty. I recommend protein smoothies using ice, water, frozen cherries, and protein powder. Any kind of frozen fruit or vegetable mix can be used in the protein smoothie. I recommend vegetable protein and egg protein powder is also available.

You could be experiencing food sensitivities without realizing it! 

Symptoms include:

 Good Fats:

Sugars to be avoided:                               

Sugar Alternatives:

  In Moderation:

Grains to be avoided:

Better Grains: 

Non-Grain Options:

(Can be used to make bread and pancakes)


Dairy/ Non-Dairy:

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